Manufacturers of Earthing and Lightning Protection

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Kingsmill industries (UK) Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of earthing and lightning protection products for the UK and export markets and has supplied products to some of the world’s most prestigious projects.
With a continuous commitment to the changes in UK & International standards,and a Commitment to product quality and service,Kingsmill Industries (UK) Ltd has achieved the UK Government’s full ISO 9001:2008 National Accreditation in recognition of the high quality of management systems and products.
Kingsmill Industries (UK)Ltd manufactures and supplies a full range of lightning protection and earthing products to the UK and export markets.Products included in their range include earth rods, clamps,conductors,tapes, earth pits, earth bars and many other accessories available in copper, stainless steel and aluminum.
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All products are designed and manufactured to meet British & International standards including BS EN 62305, BS EN 50164, BS 7430, UL 467.

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