Duval Messien

Established in 1835, DUVAL MESSIEN is a specialized company in lightning protection. With its quality products & services, DUVAL MESSIEN has proved efficient protection over more than 150 years of experience D.M range of product includes:

• SATELIT + G2 range which is an ESE device that can be tested on site


• SATELIT 3 range
SATELIT 3 is supplied with an accu type NI-MH, loaded permanently with three flexible solar cells specially developed for Duval Messien. These solar cells cannot be destroyed. With remote testing at distance using the TELETESTER-S3 portable unit, it can still be tested up to a distance of 50m between the SATELIT 3 and the TELETESTER –S3.


• STORMSAT range

STORMSAT is a 4 in 1 device:
1. ESE lightning protection rod
2. Storm detector
3. Counter
4. Analyzer with remote monitoring & reporting. Both date/time and measured lightning impulse current can be reported

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