Skid-Pump Water Mist




Water is the safe, natural way to extinguish a fire. But, it can cause significant collateral damage to buildings and their contents. High pressure water mist systems limit the damage, but they do so at great financial cost, often at higher cost than even chemical or inert gas systems.

Fike’s DuraQuench pumped water mist system brings the benefits of water mist fire suppression within reach of most budgets and over the widest possible range of applications.


  • The heart of the DuraQuench system is a skid-mounted centrifugal pump which operates at much lower pressures than other water mist systems (175 psi vs. 2,000 psi).
  • Lower pressure means lower cost – as much as 60% lower cost than other water mist systems.


  • The DuraQuench system is approved for a wide range of applications including light hazard/HC-1, turbine enclosures and machinery spaces.
  • DuraQuench provides maximum freedom when it comes to pipe, fittings, valves and other accessories. Copper, stainless and CPVC pipe are all options, and they can be sourced from your preferred local suppliers.
  • Water can be supplied from a reservoir or a building’s water main, providing the potential for unlimited discharge times.
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