JL Industries, Activar Group

For more than 70 years, JL Industries in Bloomington Minnesota has been known for high quality fire extinguishers, cabinets, and accessories, but the addition of the Samson and Thomas product lines has truly given JL the right to claim the “widest selection of extinguisher, valve and hose cabinets in the world”. Our complete range of fire extinguishers means that virtually every requirement for portable fire protection can be met.
SSI is Proud to supply from JL industries the fire hose rack cabinets in addition to a complete range for UL listed fire extinguishers including:
• Cosmic series Dry Powder For A, B, and C Classes
• Sentinel Series carbon Dioxide
• Saturn Class K wet chemical
• Grenadier Pressurized Water
• Galaxy Dry Chemical
• 272 Water Mist
• Mercury Halotron (Approved Clean agent)

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