Surge Arrestor with integrated back-up fuse


Modular Surge Arrester with integrated Backup Fuse



Featuring the functional Red/Line design, the modular surge arresters of the DEHNguard … CI family combine short-circuit and surge protection in a single protection module with a width of only one module, setting new patterns for ease of application. The protective circuit has the arrester backup fuse integrated in the protection module. This feature together with the heavy-duty zinc oxide varistor and the dual “Thermo Dynamic Control” monitoring device allow easy installation with minimum space requirements.
With the already integrated arrester backup fuse, the user no longer has to care about arrester-specific dimensioning requirements such as backup protection in the event of a short-circuit and impulse current carrying capability.
Space-saving surge protection measures covering all functions specified in the installation standards can be implemented in installations with short-circuit currents up to 25 kArms. All paths including the N-PE path feature an operating state indicator as required by the IEC 60364-5-53 standard.
Due to the “Thermo Dynamic Control” monitoring device, the surface temperature of the heavy-duty varistor and the intensity of the discharge current are used for evaluation. The operating state of each protective path is shown by means of a mechanical indicator with green and red indicator flags which needs no power to operate. It also indicates the activation of the “Thermo Dynamic Control” monitoring device and the integrated arrester backup fuse.
In addition to this mechanical operating state / fault indication, the … FM version of the DEHNguard … CI devices features a three-pole remote signalling terminal. With its floating changeover contact, the remote signal can be used as break or make contact according to the particular circuit concept.

All the benefits of the modular design of the DEHNguard family have been integrated into the new DEHNguard … CI family.
The system-configuration-specific product designation and the “Thermo Dynamic Control” monitoring device reflect the high safety requirements.
The unique module locking system prevents the protection modules from becoming loose due to vibration during transport or the enormous forces of discharge. Nevertheless, the protection modules can be easily replaced without tools, the need to de-energise and removing the distribution board cover by simply pressing the easy-to use module release button of the protection modules. Each protective circuit in the multipole and single-pole arresters and each protection module is mechanically coded to ensure against installing an incorrect protection module.

The surge arresters of the modular DEHNguard … CI family feature multifunctional terminals on a standardised spacing of one module for connecting conductors and busbars, allowing easy wiring with other DIN rail mounted devices. Thus, a variety of applications can be easily connected in series in accordance with IEC 60364-5-53 for optimal protection.
DEHNVentil CI series is also a combined Type1 and Type2 lightning Current Arrestor with integrated back-up fuse.

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