Company Overview

Security and Safety International SAL is made up of a team of dedicated professionals that provide the highest standard of service in Lightning, Earthing, Surge protection, Fire Fighting, Fire Suppression and Security Systems.

SSi s.a.l. is a privately owned Lebanese company that was established in August 2015 . The market need and the vision of the CEO Engineer Bassam Zahabi, was the main drive to establish SSi s.a.l. in order to handle and further develop both lightning protection, fire‐fighting/suppression departments.

To further diversify its portfolio of products, SSi will include the Security Systems which are expected to give SSI a new cutting edge among the companies in the market. The targeted clientele that will be served are from commercial, industrial, institutional, governmental and even domestic backgrounds. The long-term relationship with consultants, contractors, and end users will be used as a base for the growth of SSI and the synergy expected in the coming future.

Security and Safety International has a vision to be an organization dedicated to continuous improvement in every detail of the service it provides. The strongest and most valuable asset of SSi is its dedicated staff which needs to continuously be motivated, trained and evaluated in order for SSi to be able to anticipate, influence and efficiently deliver its service.

“We Serve to Save”


As a team of dedicated professionals, it is our mission to provide the highest standard of service in Lightning, Earthing, Fire Fighting, Fire Suppression and Security Systems. We will faithfully provide these vital services to our nation.


We will be an organization dedicated to continuous improvement in every detail of the service we provide.


SSi’s first target is to grow at an accelerated yet controlled pace, creating an environment of confidence and innovative solutions to our clients. At SSi, we will be always dedicated to a process of continuous improvement that will allow us to deliver value‐added, defect free products which in turn leads to customer total satisfaction.

ISO 9001-2008 received on the 10th November 2015
Honesty is the best policy.
Respect starts from within.
Communication and coordination are key.
Retaining our customers is a priority.
Quality and standard of service is never undermined.
We strive to make our community a safe and better place to live and work in.
We demonstrate continuous improvement in our performance.
We lead by example.
We serve to save.
The Company is dedicated to maintaining the environment in which it works and to providing a safe and healthy workplace for its employees and contractors through the active implementation of comprehensive policies. SSI sal and SSS for Security Services wllundertake to give priority to health, safety and protection of the environment when carrying out its activities and to insist on the same policy from its contractors.

The company shall define safe operating procedures that shall be designed to meet, or preferably exceed, all appropriate legal requirements and, where no standards are at present defined, to meet or better generally accepted industry-wide “best operating practices”. The company will actively participate with all client/contractor bodies and other authorities in developing standards and promoting the image of the industry.

Health safety and environmental aspects of our operations shall be always considered with equal importance as other business objectives.

A high level of safety awareness shall be maintained by means of safety meetings, internal auditing, review meetings and general communications. All employees are actively encouraged to participate in the conduct and management of safety by means of achieving defined objectives and standards.

It is the responsibility of all line managers to ensure that employees and sub-contractors are aware of and have access to copies of all legislative requirements, company policies and procedures in addition to seeing that these are duly enforced. Line management shall ensure that individuals are provided with proper and appropriate training along with sufficient and suitable means in order to comply with these requirements.

All employees are required to become familiar with, adhere to and promote the company policies throughout all aspects of their duties. In addition, each individual shall have the opportunity to suggest changes and improvements by means of internal communications directly to a nominated company representative. The company acknowledges that it is only through the freedom to make comment and flow of information, that risks may be identified and minimized.

Risks shall also be minimized by investigating incidents to determine their costs and causes, and to determine actions and policies which shall suitably prevent recurrence. Policies and issues arising for their application shall be regularly reviewed at all levels to ensure compliance and suitability. These investigations and reviews shall be documented, circulated company-wide and followed up. Provisions shall be made to ensure that the best possible standards are maintained. In situations where a hazard cannot be totally removed by procedural of physical means, the hazard shall be properly identified by individuals responsible for that area of work, communicated to all concerned and documented for future reference by personnel likely to encounter the same hazard. Such hazards shall be in subject of frequent review.

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